Announcing our Seed+ Raise
Are you looking for an equity investment to earn attractive returns while delivering a positive social impact? Karadoo, the company that operates InvestMyCommunity and DonateMySchool, is currently accepting investment through the tax efficient Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). To find out more, please visit

Crowdfund donations or a loan* for your local or community business

Welcome to InvestMyCommunity, the UK’s dedicated fundraising platform for all community organisations. We enable local businesses to harness the power of crowdfunding from their own community and beyond.

New to crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is simply the process of asking a crowd of people to each contribute a small amount of money that in aggregate funds your project.

A donation fundraising campaign may suit a business that delivers a positive social impact. Eligible businesses can also raise capital by way of a flexible peer-to-peer business loan. InvestMyCommunity has even created an interest free MicroLoan to help local businesses get back on their feet as they exit the Covid-19 crisis, and build customer loyalty.

Start raising funds now. Simply choose your preferred combination of campaign type and service level using the buttons below - and hit "Start Fundraising"!

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