Christmas 2021 - Virtual Shoebox Appeal

Uganda Lodge Community Projects

Uganda Lodge, Kabale - Mbarara Rd, Ruhanga,

About Us

UGANDA LODGE COMMUNITY PROJECTS is a UK registered charity (1150023) that promotes Better Education, Health, Social & Life Outcomes for thousands of needy children in the wider community of Ruhanga and other rural areas in Western Uganda.

As it says above - we are a community project - we have established a school in Western Uganda, a Medical Centre, a Vocational Centre, we have built a large school and village hall which is used by the whole district for meetings and training / education purposes. We provide jobs and support within the community. Our aim is to continue to support communities in Western Uganda and through aiding and assisting them in improving their health, education and infrastructure, ultimately give these communities the tools and opportunities to develop and grow and become independant of the need for any external help and support.

This Christmas, many local families will be struggling to find even enough money to put regular food on the table. For them, Christmas is a date on the Calendar and a visit to church, rather than presents and feasting.    

So this year, to everybody reading this we ask, please consider the gift of a virtual shoebox.

The traditional shoebox appeal is wonderful and opens people’s hearts, however, it does have flaws:

·     The carbon footprint of all those shoeboxes travelling 1000’s of miles to deliver gifts

·     The look on a parent's face to see their child given a gift that they personally cannot afford to buy

·     The fact that what is given may in a few short weeks be part of a rubbish dump somewhere

We are taking the concept of the shoebox appeal and making it more relevant to today

We will take ALL the money that is donated (no overheads charges, no transport costs, no admin fees) and we send it to our local co-ordinators and volunteers in Uganda to spend locally.

We will buy the sorts of presents traditionally found in shoe boxes but from local shops and at local wholesalers. We will buy presents that are relevant and necessary and if requested by parents, we will let them have the pleasure and enjoyment of giving them to their own children.

We will split the money so that a proportion is spent constructing something lasting – this Christmas we want to raise enough money to finish building dormitories for girls at our vocational centre. Currently students at the edges of our community have to walk many miles in the dark – these dormitories will allow young girls to have somewhere safe to stay while learning a trade and giving them the possibility to have a future where they can dream about supporting themselves, their families and their communities.

We will also use a small percentage to buy food to give the gift of a full stomach this Christmas - staples and things that we take for granted - rice without stones, beans to go in the rice, salt to season the rice.

Every penny donated will be used to support these works.

Over the years, many thousands of shoe boxes have been sent all around the world - this is amazing generosity but this year let's take it one step further. The gift of a present, of food and of a lasting benefit to the community.  

So, this Christmas, please send a ‘virtual shoe box’

·     Avoid unnecessary shipping and transport costs

·     Avoid adding to the global carbon footprint

·     Let the local volunteers select the appropriate gifts to be purchased within the local community

·     Help provide food and sustenance for the recipients

·     Contribute to the long-term well being of the community - what we are building will last for many

  years and help this community to move away from needing handouts and gifts.

Remember - a virtual shoebox is for life, not just for Christmas.

Thank you