Elin's Chicago Marathon

PLUS (Forth Valley) Limited

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About Us

I was so happy to learn that I had got a ballot place at the Chicago marathon, taking place on October 9th 2022. I know, I  must be mad right? But I don't know a better way to try to help charities as much as I can. This year I have chosen Plus Forth Valley charity who supports children, youngsters and young adults who have a disability.
Some of you might know that one of Gus's granddaughters has Aicardi syndrome. Never heard of it? Neither had I but have tried to learn a bit more about it in the past 3-4 years, I will let Keren explain more what it is in a later post. She is writing a wonderful blog called MyStrongRu - I can highly recommend it, but keep your tissues close as it will have you both in tears and in awe.
Runa's parents have moved into a bigger house, and are waiting for adequate bed, sling to move Runa from her wheelchair to her other chair, they will transform the garage to a bedroom and wet room as Runa is getting too heavy for them to carry up and down the stairs. The family will depend more on the Plus Forth Valley in the years to come to provide Runa with a community where she can have social contact with others, and many activities. I hope that you will be able to help me to support them in their fantastic work so that Runa and many others like her can have this place to go to for many years to come