9th Southside Scout Group (J4Y)

19 Church Lane, London SW17 9PW

About Us

Dear Family and Friends

My name is Musa, I'm 8 years old and a Cub Scout and this is my little brother Muhammad, he is 6 years and a Beaver Scout. We come from a family of Scout leaders. We are all part of the scouting community and we love attending Scouts.

We have recently acquired ownership of the Scout hut and our hut is falling apart, need your help to rebuild. please give back to this lovely community making the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow. Help our Scouting group thrive. 

To make this challenge more interesting and to achieve our personal challenge badge, we both will take part in a family 5k hike in Richmond Park. ( keep a look out for picture)

please sponsor us and give generously, as little as £1 or more, help us reach our target and beyond.

Musa and Muhammad 

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Charity does not decrease wealth.” Narrated by Muslim (2588)