PTA Beechen Cliff School

Kipling Avenue, Bath BA2 4RE

About Us

This year, Beechen Cliff is hosting a student-run TEDx event, based around the theme of Let's Look Forward, focusing on what we, as students, have to look forwards to in our futures. After more than 18 months of uncertainty, stress and anxiety caused to young people as a result of the pandemic, we are incredibly proud and excited to be showing TEDxBeechenCliffSchool on the 14th of October at 7pm.

TEDx rules stipulate that we are unable to charge a ticket price for attending the livestream, although we hope you can appreciate the amount of work and the costs involved in creating this opportunity. We would be incredibly grateful for any donations you give to this campaign in helping us to make TEDxBeechenCliffSchool a brilliant and sustainable experience for future generations of students.

An example of some of the items we need to raise money for to make TEDx at Beechen Cliff sustainable are listed below:
LED Lighting - £80 each x2
Wired Microphones - £80 each x2

Storage Units - £20 each