9th Southside Scout Group (J4Y)

19 Church Lane, London SW17 9PW

About Us

Dear everyone ,

We are all part of the 9th Southside Scout group (J4Y). We are raising funds to refurbish the scouts hall that we use for our scouts session. 

Please sponsor us:

Yaqub is going to run 2 km,
Yusha is going to run 5 km
Ishaq is going to run 10km 

Help us reach our target !

Update :

Jazakhallah Khair and Thank you for all donations and sponsors . Yaqub and Yusha have done their run and Yaqub has run 4.93km and Yusha has done his 5km! To show their appreciation for their sponsors they will do another run.

Ishaq is training to get up to 10km and has been practicing with smaller runs of 5km. Will post pictures when he is done.


Ishaq has completed his 10km run along the seaside early morning at sunrise. 

Your support and kind words has been a source of encouragement for them.