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Our Pupils Are Our Priority

Chorleywood Primary School is an outstanding school. Our goal is to ensure that we offer every child the opportunity to fulfil their potential and ultimately to be happy and successful.

Like many ambitious schools, we are not only providing for the 'here and now’, but also ensuring we plan for the future. In partnership with all stakeholders, we have created a strategic plan to illustrate our roadmap.

The purpose of our strategic plan is to provide an overarching framework which guides the direction of continued school improvement and investment. This includes the physical fabric of the school, resources, technology, and staffing.

There are ten key areas of our strategy outlined in our Campaign Leaflet, which you can download from this page. It shows the three key parts of our Strategy Tree: our foundation (our roots), who we are (our trunk), and how we are building our vision (our branches).

Why we're raising money

Our Request to You and How your Donations will make an Impact

One of the reasons we are outstanding is the curriculum enrichment we offer, this does often come at a cost. With increasing pressures on school budgets it is becoming increasingly challenging to fund all activities. Our strategy requires a significant amount of ongoing funding over the next five years and beyond. Our aim is to continue to innovate, create exciting learning opportunities, to enrich our curriculum and to implement our digital plan.

We are so lucky to have the support of a phenomenal PTA, which organises such remarkable fundraising events. However, to remain innovative and able to provide our children with the best possible opportunities, we would really appreciate your regular support.This will secure our long term financial stability.

We will invest in the physical fabric of the school (e.g. to ensure we continue to provide a great space for learning), new resources and technology (e.g. to introduce a new suite of Chromebooks to ensure our pupils have no digital disadvantage and have access to inspiring new ways of learning), and human capital (e.g. extra support to meet the needs of our most vulnerable pupils - one of the best things about us is our caring community and is what makes us standout). All these initiatives help us keep pace with a changing world and ensure your children are successfully equipped with the skills they need for their future education.

If you can, we’d really like a regular donation (e.g. £5/£10 per month) as this helps us to plan our spending over the next few years. If you’d rather make a one-off donation, that’s great, too - we’ve missed out on our Summer Fair and Christmas Market in 2020 which usually bring in most of our parent donations. 

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to donate this time, but everyone can share our fundraising page with friends and family and others who may be able to help.  

We will continue to update the school community on our progress and impact of your donations and other future initiatives.

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