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Ernest Bevin College

Beechcroft Road, London SW17 7DF

About Us

Friends of Ernest Bevin School (FEBS) Laptops for Life Chances Campaign:

Ensuring all our pupils get the full educational opportunities they deserve.

Ernest Bevin College are proud of the fact that some of the greatest minds in politics, sport and entertainment began their lives with us. The school has helped give many thousands of young people the educational opportunities and life chances they deserve, regardless of the circumstances they have been born into, to enable them to go on and succeed in their chosen fields. We don’t want this current generation to miss out on any more of their education.

That’s why we’re launching the Friends of Ernest Bevin (FEBS) - Laptops for Lifechances campaign.

With the country entering into a second period of lockdown, FEBS (Friends of Ernest Bevin School) are raising money to ensure every child has access to a laptop so that they can continue their education should an individual child need to self-isolate, if the school needs to shut again and for disadvantaged children to catch up on missed education.

Ernest Bevin is based in Tooting, SW London and prides itself on looking after all the young people who attend our school. With over 40% of children qualifying for Pupil Premium, the Government’s measure to identify children most in need of additional support, we are looking to our community and beyond to help ensure no child falls behind in the education as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of the crisis in March this year, Ernest Bevin College has worked hard to ensure the welfare and continued education of our students. As a part of these efforts, we loaned laptops to over 80 of our most disadvantaged children so they can continue their studies online.

During the summer term vulnerable pupils were invited into college for lessons and support, in addition to the education provided to Key Worker children and Year 10 and 12, as recommended by the Government.

While the Government scheme helped and was able to provide additional laptops and dongles to provide Wifi access, we still have children who are doing homework on their phones, sharing laptops with parents and siblings at home and so unable to access our learning platform and online resources. Should the numbers of children who need to self-isolate increase or the college be required to close again, there are still large numbers of children who would be cut off from their education.

The evidence is clear: the most disadvantaged children in society are the ones that have already fallen behind and have the largest gap in educational attainment compared to those from more well-off families. With sudden school closures and enforced isolation an ever-present possibility, the attainment gap is getting wider and these children are losing out.

The children at our College are already part of the Covid-19 generation that has experienced enormous disruption to their education through no fault of their own. We would very much like to change that – with your help.

We believe that by having access to a laptop of their own, these children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to keep up with their studies and maintain their relationships – which is vital for their long-term mental health - even if they should once again be affected by Covid-19.

No matter your background. No matter where you came from, everyone has a right to the best possible education. So please help us to help our students thrive in these difficult times.

Each laptop costs around £200 and will support a single child’s education for many years to come. Whatever you donate, you will be, in effect, also sponsoring a child’s education.

Should we exceed our target, any remaining money raised will go into a central fund to help support our children with additional pastoral care, such as counselling and other mental health services.

Please give as generously as you can.

Thank you from all the Students, Staff and families at Ernest Bevin College


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The Parish is part of the Diocese of Shrewsbury (Registered Charity No 234025) which continues the mission of the Catholic Church across Cheshire, Shropshire and part of Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Derbyshire. Thank you for your donation - it is greatly appreciated. Donations are administered by the Diocese of Shrewsbury and then distributed to the Parish.
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Your support of the training of our clergy is greatly appreciated. The Clergy Education & Training Fund is operated by the Diocese of Shrewsbury (Registered Charity No 234025) which continues the mission of the Catholic Church across Cheshire, Shropshire and part of Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Derbyshire.
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St Mark's School Bath - love learning!

    #remotelearning Urgent Chromebook Appeal   Here at St Mark’s in Larkhall, Bath we are launching a Regular Giving campaign to raise funds to improve the environment and facilities that our wonderful school offers. In support of our school vision: ‘St Mark’s vision is to promote self-worth that inspires our students to live well, achieve their goals and be a force for good in their school and in the world.’ Love Learning – Love Life Now our more generic appeal has become more urgent as it is necessary to provide the tools for home learning for the majority of our students. To bridge the digital divide, which exists in most school cohorts, we are launching this appeal to purchase as many £200 Chromebooks as we can, by the end of January. This is to provide the much needed resource for ALL our students to be able to access the on-line lessons they need to thrive in school. So why crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a great way to hit a fundraising target through a group of people all coming together to put funds in to the same pot and encouraging others to do the same. The larger the group or ‘crowd’ formed, the more money we raise so the key to any crowdfunding appeal is getting the message out there via all of our networks. Please help us to make this possible by donating as much as you can and please pass on the appeal details on your own social media network to family, friends and your other contacts to help spread our message. This is really important within our local community. Every single donation helps. And every single share helps too! To set up a regular donation, please click on the DONATE button. You can choose how much to donate each month, and we could also claim Gift Aid on your donation, boosting each one by 25%. Of course, Regular Giving may not suit everyone, so if you prefer, you can choose to make a one-off donation to help fund our wish list of projects. Thank you for your support! It will really make a difference to the quality of home learning.  
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Donations for St Peter & St Paul’s Church, West Wittering

Donations for St Peter & St Paul’s Church, West Wittering, PO20 8AJ.   The primary objective of West Wittering PCC is the promotion of the Good News of Jesus Christ according to the doctrines and practices of the Church of England.
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Your support of our retired clergy is greatly appreciated. The Retired Priests’  Fund is operated by the Diocese of Shrewsbury (Registered Charity No 234025) which continues the mission of the Catholic Church across Cheshire, Shropshire and part of Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Derbyshire.  
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DRET Santa Run 2020

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR THE DRET SANTA RUN 2020 HAS NOW PASSED.   BUT THERE IS STILL TIME TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO THE THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN PARTICIPATING. YOU CAN MAKE A DONATION TO THE INSPIRATION FUND VIA A RUNNER’S DEDICATED SPONSORSHIP PAGE OR SIMPLY BY CLICKING “DONATE” ON THIS PAGE.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE FOR THE RUN!   We're delighted to see the DRET Santa Run for the second successive year! Last year over 2,700 students and staff took part to raise more than £30,000 for the Inspiration Fund.   To start raising sponsorship for you to take part, simply click the "Launch Your Own Campaign" button and set up your very own sponsorship page to share with friends and family. This easy to use platform takes away the need for you to go around collecting cash and signatures for sponsorship, turning everything electronic. It is easier than ever to share with potential sponsors by sharing the link on your page to any social media platform, text to friends and family or send via email.   Remember, to take part, each participant will need to raise at least £1 (non-gift aided) entry sponsorship. Participants raising £5 or more will receive a Santa Hat to run in. Raising £10 or more will get you a full Santa Suit, and £15 or more will get you a full suit AND a medal to remember the day by! The top fundraisers in each Academy will also receive a prize, and the highest fundraiser in the whole Trust will win an amazing Sport or Music prize for their school.   Thank you for participating, and good luck!   You can find out more information on the Inspiration Fund here:  
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