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Priest Training Fund

Archdiocese of Cardiff


About Us

We are the Archdiocese of Cardiff. Our work is to support people, schools and parishes ensuring a vibrant Catholic Church for the future

Our work depends on people like you. People who give their time and energy to ensure that the Church is there for everyone who needs us.


Why we're raising money

Weare blessed by the those called to train for the priesthood who provide the future of our church

Those who decide to train for the priesthood have made a commitment to their faith. Without their dedication and sacrifice our community would be all the poorer.

The Priest TrainingFund invests in men who have answered the call to serve the people of God.There is no support from the State to help pay for the years of training wherefaith, character and ability are tested.

Priests live a modestlife – but high-quality training comes at a price. On average the Archdiocese of Cardiff invests £162,000 training each seminarian over six years.Yet following ordination a priest may give back more than 40 or 50-years’service, so the investment brings a considerable return.

How can I help?

From here you can make a one-off donation to the Priest Training Fund or set up a repeating monthly gift. You can even set up a fundraising page for your own event. Whether you're running a marathon, taking part in sponsored bike ride or doing your own amazing thing in support of the Priest Traininig Fund we are on hand to help you and give you all the support you need. You're doing something really positive - thank you!

It's quick and easy to set up and personalise your fundraising page. And your friends and family can donate to your page instantly, which means no need to chase sponsorship money.

If you want to learn more why not connect with the Archdiocese of Cardiff on Facebook, Twitter or contact our fundraising team via the Website.

Where can you find us?

Archdiocese of Cardiff 
Priest Traininig Fund Appeal
Archbishops House
41/43 Cathedral Road
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