Laptops for Home Learning

Laptops for Home Learning

Archway Learning Trust


About Us

The Archway Learning Trust believes in the transformational power of education for each individual.
We have a rich history of providing excellent education for children from the City of Nottingham and beyond – with over 25% of secondary school students in the city educated at a Trust school.

We have high aspirations for ourselves, our students and the communities we serve, and our intention is to improve life experiences of the children and families we work with.

Thank you for supporting our initiative.

Why we're raising money

Like schools across the country, the current lockdown has once again seen
us moving our learning provision online. Our staff have been working hard
to make sure that no child is left behind and that everyone has the opportunity
to learn no matter whether schools are open or not.

Sadly though, some of our students do not have devices to work on at home and whilst
The Department of Education have provided some laptops for which we are grateful, we still
have a shortfall of 500 laptops at a cost of £300 each.

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