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Caritas Northampton


About Us

We are currently raising funds to support evacuees from the war in Ukraine who are seeking a place of safety and support in the UK. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Caritas Northampton, inspired by the life and example of Jesus Christ, shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the diocese through social action. We seek to develop the capacity of personal, parish and community action to address many forms of misery and to promote social justice throughout the diocese. We strive to support the Diocese of Northampton to be a place where every person can be fulfilled in their families and communities, living with peace and human dignity. We are members of Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) which was established by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales to develop the Church’s social action in these parts of the United Kingdom.   


Caritas Northampton is responsible for the promotion, establishment, and support of a range of social outreach projects in the diocese. We work alongside the many wonderful groups within our parishes who already do so much for those in need.     

An important part of the work of Caritas is to highlight, and acknowledge, the great work that is already being done within many parishes, and share the knowledge and skills needed with other parishes.

Why we're raising money

We are currently developing a number of social action projects and diocesan strategies across various areas including, poverty in all it’s forms, food banks and food larders, clothes banks, domestic violence, refugees and migrants, human trafficking and modern slavery. All donations are used in full towards these important causes to support those in real need.    

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