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Evergreen Africa

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About Us

Evergreen Africa relieves poverty in four main developmental areas.

Health: Training health workers and providing medical facilities and equipment.
Education: Building and supporting schools as well as teaching and other staff.
Income-Generation: Helping local people to establish and maintain a source of income.
Sustainability: Implementing programmes that will ultimately allow the community to become self sustaining.

What about our funds? How do we make sure they’re used as they should be and get to where they’re needed?

Firstly, our Trustees have dictated that absolutely no less than 90%, and ideally no less than 92%, of funds must be spent on our charitable projects (regrettably, some admin costs are unavoidable – website hosting, bank charges to move funds to Africa, accountancy fees, stationery etc). That means that of every £10 donated, at least £9 goes to the projects.

In Africa we work with well-established local NGOs and experts who have developed a network of trusted local individuals built up over many years. These individuals ensure that funds are paid over to local contractors etc, only against previously agreed project plans, after inspection of the works or delivery of goods/services and on presentation of invoices. This means we can track every penny from leaving our bank account right through to the part it plays in delivering the project.

Why we're raising money

Evergreen operates in ruralvillages on the Wanale Ridge, Uganda, where some 25,000 people live in extremepoverty (as defined by the UN). The populace is almost entirely dependent onhelp, there being virtually no means of employment available beyond subsistencefarming. Health is poor with malaria and water‐borne diseases endemic. The areaneeds significant affordable schooling; the few Government schools are badlyover-subscribed. Thereis a dire need for income-generation to raise the entire populace above theUN-defined poverty level.

We address these needs withprogrammes such as:

In 2014/15 we established 5 Village Savings & Loan schemes forthe empowerment of women and delivered a goat-farming income-generation projectto alleviate the plight of impoverished widows. In 2016 we piloted a CommunityHealth Promoters (CHP) Level One training course and followed this in 2017 witha Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course for the graduates. In 2017Evergreen established a nursery school in a community building. In that year acoffee-roasting facility was also established. In 2018/19, we trained 2 furtherCHP Level One courses in other remote areas on the Ridge and provided CPDcourses for those already trained. Also in 2019 we provided the nursery schoolwith its own building and established a Market Garden to provide an income forthose engaged on it, but also to return funds to sustain the operation of thenursery school. In 2020 we trained CHPs to level 2 and provided CPD, as well asmaintaining our Goat, VS&LS and school programmes. In early 2020 we piloteda Menstrual Health initiation programme in the first of 7 primary schools onthe Ridge. That School piloted a smaller annual programme in 2021 while we extendedthe initiation programme to a 2nd school. Also in 2021 we expanded our VS&LSprogramme with a further 12 Schemes and established an Agricultural VocationalTraining Centre.

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