Laptops for St Michael's School

Laptops for St Michael's School

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Thank you for reading the letter from Mrs Martin and Governors which explained that the school are raising money to purchase additional school laptops for teaching staff. As outlined, they have asked The Friends to set up this page on their behalf in order to benefit from their registered charity status with regards to Gift Aid.

As you will know, one of the major limitations the school faced during lockdown in terms of its provision of online learning was that not all teachers have a school laptop. In order for all teachers to have their own laptops, several more need to be purchased.

In the letter, the school explain that although they were able to make some unanticipated cost savings in the summer term, these have been largely offset by the ‘cost of Covid’ to the school.

Despite this, Governors have been able to release a small amount of money that will be put towards laptop purchases, but this still leaves us very short of the total amount needed.

Mrs Martin and Governors have explained that they will purchase laptops as soon as they are in a financial position to do so. Based on quotes received, they are looking at a cost in the range of £3000.  

We know that the pandemic has impacted families in many different ways but, if you are able to make a contribution, however small, we would be extremely grateful. It is possible to make your donation anonymous should you wish to do so.

Thank you to you all, as ever, for your support.


Kind Regards


Mrs Jan Martin         Headteacher          

Mrs Stella Dunlop     Chair, Finance and Resources Committee                                

Mrs Rachel Stringer   Chair of Governors


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