Threads fast fashion campaign

Threads fast fashion campaign

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Climate change, inequality and poverty are three of the greatest challenges facing our world.

Every country in the world has committed to delivering Global Goals which aim to end poverty, inequality and climate chaos by 2030.

We can achieve these goals by engaging our community at all levels from grassroots and businesses to our government.

The Global Goals Centre in Bristol UK will be the world’s first immersive Centre which brings to life the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) for all to see and experience first-hand. From school groups to local community organisations, members of small co-operatives to employees of multi-nationals – all will benefit. Help us to make it a reality.


To create exciting, engaging projects and resources to educate, inspire and motivate young people and the public to take action to help reach the Global Goals - the world’s plan to create a cleaner, fairer future for all.

Harnessing the power of exciting visual and audio technology and storytelling enables us to bring in new audiences, and make a lasting and beneficial impact on behaviour and attitudes to drive systemic change.

Why we're raising money

The IPCC report 2021 issues a Code Red for Humanity to reduce carbon emissions,and stressed the need for widespread behaviour change. 70% of people suffer from‘climate anxiety’ (YouGov survey 2020). Our own consultation with UWE has shown that 90% of young people are angry and anxious about climate and inequalities, but none of them knew about the social and environmental impacts of the garment industry!

The fashion industry produces 10% of global CO2 emissions and uses 1.5 trillion litresof water annually. Poor working conditions in garment factories are widespread. Plastic-based fabrics release millions of microfibres into our oceans on every wash.

We want to inform people of the issues but also, crucially, help them find creative ways of overcoming them, thereby reducing eco-anxiety and directing the anger to positive action. Whilst there is a wealth of information about the impact of fast fashion, there is very little aimed at this age group, even though teenagers are huge consumers of fast fashion.

What better way than through an online interactive experience that can be played at home or in school and used by thousands of people - to inspire people to buy less and buy better as well as challenge their favourite brands to transform the fashion industry for good.

£10 pays for a Threads teaching pack of materials

£50 pays for a workshop to be delivered in a school for young people to learn about fast fashion and be inspired to take positive action for change

Please help us fund the rollout of this exciting digital experience, to run schools in workshops and reach beyond the usual audience! Any money you give will go directly to Threads.

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Global Goals Centre


Registered charity no : 1187048

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