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Hands on Hand out

Hands on Hand out

Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

We started our homeless outreaches In 2015 and used to walk around the streets of London Euston and Kings cross but during Lockdown we became so busy and were seeing so many people that we could no longer walk around, as we had too much stuff. St Pancreas Church in Euston kindly gave us their car park to use and we are there every Sunday now. 
We provide a Home cooked meal, hot drinks, toiletries, essentials, new underwear, clean clothes and shoes, sleeping bags, tents, winter supplies such as thermals and also treats and snacks for the following few days. Most importantly we provide a chance for our homeless friends to chat to us and we make sure they know we are there for them. We have built up so many friendships during the years and we make sure our friends know they are not alone. Most of our team now are ex-homeless who we have helped in the past and they wanted to give something back which is amazing and they are well equipped to give others advise and point them in the right direction to get help.  
We also provide an environment where our homeless friends can chat and get to know each other and many friendships have been formed because of this which we are very proud of.  
Our homeless friends are so very grateful for everything how big or small we give them. Help brighten up someone's day.
Remember these people are someone's Mother, Father, Nan, Grandad, Son , Daughter and so on. Every body matters whatever their situation or circumstance.

Thank you in advance
From the most passionate team @ Hands on Hands out.

Why we're raising money

As we are a non-profit charity we rely solely on donations.
We have to buy food, essentials, toiletries, clothes, trainers etc the list goes on.
The physical donations we get are amazing but they go so quick as we see so many people so wee need to keep it topped up.
We also like to provide our homeless friends with at least two roast dinners a month and other home cooked and cooking for so many people can cost alot. 
We appreciate any donation big or small as it aids us to continue to do the work we do.

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