Table Tennis Fundraiser

Table Tennis Fundraiser

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Among many things we discovered when starting the new term in September 2020 was just how hard it was for our students to keep active and enjoy outdoor break times, with very limited activities as a result of restricted activities and access to equipment.   

At Kingsbury High School, we are committed to providing additional resources for all students – but to continue doing this we need your help!

We need help raising additional school funds to purchase two OUTDOOR TABLE TENNIS TABLES for the lower school outdoor playground area....

Before the restrictions, students were able to enjoy using some of the schools spare cricket and football equipment during break times, however the current situation restricts use of this equipment.  

Table tennis on the other hand is still permitted! However, the school currently has just two very old, rusty and dented table tennis tables for our students to use.  

Collectively, we have 990 year 7,8 and 9 students at the lower school, including many active table tennis players - especially in our year 8 group, as you will see from the video shortly!  

Having two extra outdoor table tennis tables available to use at break times would allow more students to play table tennis with classmates as well as getting more active. More than ever, students need outdoor provisions to increase morale and activity to keep fit and healthy, mentally as well as physically.   

The suggestion was therefore to raise additional funds for the outdoor equipment.

Students and staff have so far showed great support and enthusiasm for this project - and we already have requests for more outdoor equipment!  Two new outdoor table tennis tables + bats and balls will cost £1,600....

·      Could you make a donation?

·      Could you run your own fundraising event and gain sponsors?

·      Could you share our page with friends and family and the wider community?

Any amount you can donate, however small, will make a difference to our students daily school experience during these challenging times, and beyond.  If you can gift-aid your donation your money will go even further.


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