Ongoing Fundraising

Ongoing Fundraising

Omushana, Sunshine for Children

Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

Omushana, Sunshine for Children aims to enhance the lives of children in the villages around the mountain gorilla reserves in South-west Uganda.

The essence of Omushana is to make a positive contribution to children’s lives by improving their educational opportunities, welfare, confidence and enjoyment. We achieve this primarily by supporting schools and children's groups in the Mgahinga and Bwindi Forest areas of Uganda.  

Our main projects include:

Four community-owned Libraries which provide services to over 50 schools and 5000 children.  Our fantastic team of Ugandan librarians encourage reading story books for fun and teach basic IT on our laptop computers.  

A successful nutrition project which aims to improve the nutritional status of children throughout the area by demonstrating affordable and achievable ways to achieve good nutrition.

Supporting small community-owned village schools which provide vital education to young children close to their homes so that children can remain with their families and not undertake long dangerous daily journeys or become institutionalised. 

A Community Sports Kit Library with a local volunteer sports co-ordinator.  Groups and schools can borrow kit for matches and receive training/sports sessions.  

'Omushana' means 'Sunshine' in Rukiga, the local language where the charity was founded. Both Rukiga and English appear in the full title of the charity (Omushana, Sunshine for Children) because our project is based on friendship and co-operation between supporters in both Uganda and UK.

Why we're raising money

Our projects depend on donations!  

Every penny donated to Omushana through this site will go directly to fund our projects.  

We are a small charity with very few admin costs and these are covered by the Trustees and other sources. So you can be sure that your donation will directly benefit the children of Uganda.

If you have a particular type of project you would like to support (education, nutrition, sport, village education) then please leave a note and we will make sure that your donation goes towards an appropriate project. I you leave your contact details we will send you news of your donation in action.

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