Support PLUS (Forth Valley), supporting children and young people with disabilities and ASNs

Support PLUS (Forth Valley), supporting children and young people with disabilities and ASNs

PLUS (Forth Valley) Limited

Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

PLUS supports children, young people and young adults who have a disability, additional support needs and long-term health conditions from across the Forth Valley.

PLUS aims to provide a better quality of life for the children, young people, young adults that we support and their families.

We support over 300 children, young people and young adults aged 0-35.

What we do

The children, young people and young adults attending PLUS have a diagnosed disability or disabilities including, but not limited to, Autism, Aspergers, Downs Syndrome, Global Developmental Delays, Epilepsy, Chromosomal Disorders, Sensory Impairments and Cerebral Palsy.

We provide opportunities and support for children, young people and young adults to access social, community, leisure and recreational activities, of their choosing. Activities are varied and include games, craft sessions, baking, movie nights, music, outings, messy play, outdoor play, sensory activities and using technology and media.

Group activities offers them supported time with peers, with opportunities to develop independence, whilst taking part in events and activities which build their confidence and widen their experiences.

We provide 1-1 support where the children, young people and young adults can attend activities or mainstream clubs such as football training, brownies, scouts; young adults can volunteer; attend college; or other activities of their choice with a sessional worker.

Activities through our different projects take place 7 days a week morning, afternoon and evening.


We have 33 years’ experience in supporting children and young people with disabilities and as a result their families. PLUS was started by families due to the lack of the support in the area and there is still very few options outside of school and home life for those we support. Families benefit from regular short breaks. These short breaks offer parents and carers valuable time to themselves, which increases the capacity and resilience of families to continue in their caring role.

Our programmes and how we work has grown and developed over the years, in response to the needs of the children, young people and young adults we support.

Why we're raising money

Donations help sustain PLUS to continue making a difference for so many children, young people and their families. Families tell the impact of what we do best:

' ... He is able to socialise with likeminded people in a non-judgmental way. He can learn and develop his social skills and have fun! Also, he can form friendships out with his school environment which has been a challenging place, at times, for him.'

' .. .it is an invaluable resource as it's the one of the few times he has a social interaction with other children outside of school. '

' ... she gets some independence and separation from us and is able to build on her social skills and have fun.'

'A has shown leadership skills with a game the group enjoy playing. He has been great to engage
onfine and has been really chatty. He has matured so nicely and has become much more calm and settled. He is a positive influence and is great with his peers.'

'PLUS has been a social life line for F. I remember the first time he started at the group he left saying, 'My goodness that was amazing the other boys are just like me'. PLUS is one of the few places where F can just be himself.'

' ... the continuity at the moment that we are getting with T's support is amazing and we are delighted with it. We can see it also really helps T as well. The staff team collectively at the moment are just exceptional. When families get to crisis point, PLUS continues to be here to make a difference.'

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