Water is Life: Bringing Water to Elong'o School

Water is Life: Bringing Water to Elong'o School

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Power for the People is a UK-based not-for-profit international development charity that works with low-income communities around the world to enable them to have food security, education, clean energy and stable household income.

PFP distinguishes itself from similar organisations due to our Handshakes not Handouts Approach. Our projects aim to increase household income, build local resilience and capability and create jobs so that people can achieve the means to pay for what they need. Since PFP is a not-for-profit organisation, their payments go towards further developing their own communities.

Our prior projects have shown how access to clean, plentiful water can catalyse community development and provide the basis for a far better quality of life. 

Why we're raising money

Elong’o is the only school within a 10 km radius of Osupukiai and its neighbouring villages. 

It has no access to water.

Its 240 pupils walk up to 15km a day to get to school, and the surrounding landscape is very dry and bare. Food is scarce, and it is common for the children to go without eating. A further 255 children are on the waiting list, but can't attend due to the school's lack of capacity. 

In 2021, PFP drilled a solar-powered borehole 3km away in Osupukiai which provides the village with water. Now, you can help us to install a pipeline from Osupukiai to Elong'o school, so that the children there can enjoy the same benefits. 

Your donations will provide the children of Elong'o school with clean water for drinking and sanitation - but that's not all.

Access to water is the catalyst for so much more. 

The ability to irrigate will bring life to Elong'o's land, allowing us to establish a sustainable food forest which pupils and staff can farm for fresh, nutritious and plentiful food. Not only that, but the forest trees will provide shade, and even further water conservation in the ground! 

Surplus produce from farming will even generate income for the school, covering day-to-day running costs and pay for new staff so that students on the waiting list can finally start their education. 

Water is Life. Help us bring it to these children! 

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