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Splash for Cash

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About Us

We are a large primary school in the heart of Oxted with passion for learning. Over the past four years our school has been growing, and we have been juggling many building projects alongside providing fantastic learning for all.
Our school is in the heart of the community - and during the pandemic we have taken every possible step to ensure that we have been reaching out to use our facilities for the good of all.

The one key resource we cannot currently hire out is our pool. Can you help?

The total in our Splash for Cash pool appeal is creeping up, but will not be enough on its own.

To secure grant funding we need to show that the wider community will benefit by describing ways in which the community will access the pool, and demonstrating that there is a demand for it within our locality – and we need these answers fast!  

If you could take two minutes of your time to complete our survey Splash for Cash- St Mary’s pool we would be very grateful.

Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you know in our area who might support.

Why we're raising money

Splash for Cash - Save our Pool

Reality check:

·        The pool has reached the end of its natural life: it needs a new liner, new pump, new filters and new drains.

·        We cannot justify the expense of doing this whilst the negative environmental impact of the pool being outdoor, heated and uncovered remains so high

·        The size of the school now means that we would struggle to give all junior children meaningful numbers of swimming lessons when only using the pool in the summer term

·        The building alterations mean that we have much smarter toilets for year 3 and 4 but we no longer have changing rooms/showers which can be used for swimming

BUT – if we were able to invest we could:

·        Do all the necessary maintenance and extend provision

·        Open it up for community use – because if it was running all year the school would not need it all the time

·        Help support the national issue of large numbers of children who have not learnt to swim due to the pandemic

·        Continue our mission to ensure that our school and its facilities benefit the whole community

Staff, children and parents have told us they want to keep the pool so we have done our homework and have a plan!

·        Cover the pool with a glass cover

·        Replace liner and drains

·        Add an automated safety cover (also helps heat retention)

·        Build cabin changing rooms

·        Refresh the paving slabs

·        Re build walls and steps, and reshape the middle entrance to the school  to allow for independent access by the community

·        Create a decking area/waiting area for parents

The total cost of the project is estimated to be £145,000.

The school has identified around £70K of potential funds within current budgets, and hopes through events like the Fun Run and Festival in the Field to raise around 10K more.

In order to have the project completed in time for the new swimming season in April 2022 we would need to have broken the back of the remaining 65K from other sources by October 2021

Can we do it?

It’s a huge ask – but we’re hoping that we can find about half from within our school community (as we did for the MUGA) and the rest from outside grants or rich benefactors!

Our related campaigns


100k in a day

** Update **On Saturday 10th July the children of Whales class started their run in the rain at 9am. As the day dried up the children smashed through their 100k target, posting an incredible 137kms between them! The parents and siblings group also had a go at the target but could not match the boundless energy of the kids, nevertheless posting a very respectable 130kms. What an amazing achievement for the wonderful Whales class, supported by their fantastic teacher Mrs Marus. CONGRATULATIONS WHALES!!Thank you all for your very generous support, it is hugely appreciated. If anyone else wanted to show their support for the children, sponsorship remains open until the end of the month!100k in a dayThe children of Whales class, yr 2 at St Mary’s School Oxted are supporting the Splash for Cash campaign to raise money to save their school pool. They are going to try to run ‘100k in a day’ - 100km between them around their school field in a 24 hour period. That is the equivalent distance of swimming across the English Channel three times. Please support them by donating to their campaign.
£2,941.25 Raised Closed
147.06% of target

Festival in the Field

We've been making a song and dance about raising money for our pool. The Junior Choir, Infant Singers, Dancers from year 3, 4 and 6 and Soloists from Year 5 have recorded performances for you. If you enjoy them please donate here.(secure links shared by the school)
£175.00 Raised Closed
17.50% of target

Swim the chanel

Ever thought of swimming the English channel? We can do it - collectively we WILL achieve the 21miles (32km) in Tandridge swimming pool. Just imagine the sense of achievement - "I was part of a team that swam the channel" St. Mary's children - get your costumes warmed up, your goggles tightened and get ready to contribute towards the 1416 lengths required to get from Dover to Calais.This massive swim event takes place on 24th September, 12-2pm Tandridge Pool, Oxted. All funds raised through sponsorship go to making future confident swimmers at St. Mary's Primary in our newly refurbished pool - who knows one of our children might even swim the channel for real one day?!
£2,701.26 Raised Closed
540.25% of target

Rebecca Running Reigate!

If lots of you just sponsor me £2 - a healthy sum could be made towards the refurbishment of the St. Mary's pool - go on, sponsor me out of sympathy......I'm running the 10k the night after my daughters 18th birthday party - notalotofsleepforme.com.....and I'm a few years older than when I last pounded the streets of Reigate!
£148.75 Raised Closed
297.50% of target

Swim by for dinner

Gather a group of friends together for dinner. Divide the menu between the group (one makes a starter, one provides main, one dessert….divide it further depending on the number of guests…perhaps even cocktails & canapes?!). Move from each participants’ house enjoying each course in a different venue – or stay put and relax, give your flippers a rest.£10 per head – think of the saving you’re making a) not going to a restaurant b) not providing food for a whole dinner party.
£6.25 Raised Closed
3.13% of target

5 Boys Run 5K for Splash for Cash

St. Mary’s Junior School Year 4&5 boys Oscar, Otto, Woody, Jenson and Toby are raising money for the their school splash4cash pool fund. As keen sportsmen they will be doing a 5K run on Saturday 26th February at 12pm starting from St Mary’s Junior School. They are looking for as much support as possible from the local community. Please help the boys reach their target of £1000 and donate to such a wonderful fundraiser! It would be amazing to get such a great facility for the pupils and community alike. A huge thank you from the Boys’ Mums for helping them arrange this ! 
£2,402.50 Raised Closed
240.25% of target

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