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St Mark's School Bath - love learning!

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#Love Learning: Launching our Spring ‘Love our library - curl up and read’ appeal!

Here at St Mark’s School in Larkhall, Bath, we’ve launched a Regular Giving campaign to raise funds to improve the environment and facilities that our wonderful school offers.

In support of our school vision:

‘St Mark’s vision is to promote self-worth that inspires our students to live well, achieve their goals and be a force for good in their school and in the world.’

Why we're raising money

The reality of school funding today means it is difficult to find the money from our day-to-day budget for those inspirational and enrichment projects that make such a difference to pupils and even the wider school community.

So, to action!

We’ve been absolutely delighted at the success of our January appeal to purchase Chromebooks for home-learning so that all students have a better chance of making the progress they need during the current Lockdown.

Our appeal has already enabled us to purchase 20 Chromebooks for immediate distribution to students and we will purchase more as funds allow. Our sincere thanks to all of you who donated so generously, we really are very grateful for your support!

Introducing our spring ‘Love our library – curl up and read!’ appeal

We now want to encourage our students to dive into the amazing world of books and fire their imaginations or soak up fascinating facts about a whole range of topics!

According to the recent ‘Read All About It’ report, 20% of all 15-year-olds have a reading age of 11 and below, and 10% a reading age of 9 and below. The report authors conclude that “given the importance of literacy to the whole school curriculum, it follows that those students who struggle with reading are at a significant disadvantage in every one of the GCSE examinations they take”.

We’d love to add dozens more books to our library, including modern classics like Harry Potter, David Attenborough and natural history, as well as graphic novels.

We’d also like to make our library more inviting by installing a smart screen and mood lighting, plus purchase a Chromebook charging trolley.

Our PTA has put together a wish-list of the items we’d like to purchase for our library, as we welcome our students back in coming weeks:

50 x Harry Potter or other modern fiction  £8 per copy

50 x graphic novels                                     £12 per copy

50 x David Attenborough/natural history      £15 per copy

Mood lighting                                          £150

Chromebook charging trolley                    £700

Smart screen                                            £1500

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a great way to hit a fundraising target through a group of people all coming together to put funds into the same pot and encouraging others to do the same.

Please help us to make this possible by donating as much as you can and please pass on the appeal details on your own social media network to family, friends and your other contacts to help spread our message. This is really important within our local community. Every single donation helps and every single time you share our appeal helps too!

To set up a regular donation, please click on the DONATE button. You can choose how much to donate each month, and we could also claim Gift Aid on your donation, boosting each one by 25%. Of course, Regular Giving may not suit everyone, so if you prefer, you can choose to make a one-off donation to help fund our wish-list of projects.

Thank you for your support! It will really make a difference!

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