House of Joshua Children's Home

House of Joshua Children's Home

The Conroy Rendon Charitable Trust

Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

Our objectives are to alleviate poverty, advance education and promote the Christian Faith, primarily in the Philippines.

We do so primarily by working in close partnership with local NGOs and other community groups, providing funding, resources, support and equipment.

Our principle partnership is with the Lifenet Children's Foundation, a Philippines registered NGO which owns and operates a residential home for orphaned, abandoned and at risk children, The House of Joshua. Lifenet Children's Foundation also runs various outreach activities aimed at the local community providing holistic support to families living in poverty. However these community based activities are very limited at the present time due to Covid 19 quarantine restrictions.

We also provide resources, equipment and advice for micro-enterprise business start ups and community workshops that allow people living in difficult situations to earn a living and work their own way out of poverty. We have a particular interest in enterprises that have a beneficial environmental impact.

Why we're raising money

The House of Joshua is currently home to 16 children who need to be fed, clothed and educated. In addition, of course there are the usual bills to pay and wages for the house parents and other staff. Much of our support for the home comes from a child sponsorship scheme that we operate in conjunction with Lifenet Children's Foundation but  we continue to need additional support to grow and develop the work of the home.  

Where can you find us?

The Conroy Rendon Charitable Trust
6 Walnut Way

telephone 01206 304428


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