Educational School Programmes for Young Children with Autism

Educational School Programmes for Young Children with Autism

The Playhouse Foundation

Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

The Playhouse Foundation is a UK not-for-profit Foundation supporting young children with autism in Hampshire to achieve their full potential.

Our aim is to provide specialised provision and social inclusion for young children with autism, in order to improve functional daily living, communication and interactive social skills.  Our tailored and intensive educational programmes offer Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) to allow children with autism to make sense and communicate within the world around them and access a mainstream education.  We have successfully harnessed collective support, in collaboration with our local authority, educational providers, voluntary organisations and community organisations to work together to identify 'hard to reach' children.

Since our launch in 2015, we have provided financial assistance and support to families in order that their child's needs can be met and addressed to ensure access to an appropriate school with appropriate provision best suited to supporting specific needs.  In doing so, we have improved access to ABA based provision for children and families through support for higher education students, trainee teachers and therapists.

In addition to the delivery of our core ABA Programmes, we also provide advocacy support to local families in search of help and sign-posting to improve access and acceptance within the local community.  Our work has changed the life-chances of the young children that we support and provided them with access to a future where they can understand, interact and engage with the world around them.

Why we're raising money

Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.  According to The National Autistic Society, while autism is incurable, the right support at the right time can make an enormous difference to people's lives.'

The Playhouse Foundation are looking to develop our co-funded partnerships with our Local Authority for the provision of ABA within mainstream schools.  We are seeking funding to enable us to continue to support children with autism and to help train staff in schools with effective strategies to enable them to manage behaviours and develop communication skills.  

Your donation will allow us to provide ABA school consultation and training services for children with autism across the course of an academic year.  Specially, funding will provide Annual Theory Training to all school staff, Practical Training to learning support staff within the child's classroom and up to twelve school visits from one of our Board Certified Behavioural Analyst's.

The outcomes achieved by this funding are to better equip children to communicate more effectively in social situations, reduce disruptive outbursts and social isolation and serve to improve the general well-being of others'.  Throughout the training process, school staff will develop an understanding of how autism affects individuals and be able to apply behavioural principles to increase functional skills and reduce behaviours that are negatively impacting on an individual's quality of life.  In the broader context of support, schools will be able to adopt a whole school approach across multiple children within their setting and the families who participate in their child's ABA Programme will regain a sense of inclusion with the community in which they live.

Where can you find us?

The Playhouse Foundation

Fruit Tree, Otterbourne Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 2RT

T: 07736039080



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