Sails for Wheatley Windmill

Sails for Wheatley Windmill

Wheatley Windmill Preservation Society

Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

Wheatley Windmill was last used commercially in 1914.  It was struck by lightening in 1939, and by the mid 1970s was in a poor state of repair.  Wheatley Windmill Restoration Society was set up in 1976 to restore the windmill to it's former glory.
By 2010, this object had been achieved, and the society changed it's name to Wheatley Windmill Preservation Society, to maintain the mill in good condition.  The society opens the mill to members of the public once a month during the summer, and also some group visits by arrangement.

Why we're raising money

The stocks and sails that were fitted in 2007 were constructed from larch, which has not proved to be very durable.  The stocks and one sail were replaced in 2017, but another of the sails broke off in a squall in October 2021.  Whilst the society believes that the broken sail will be covered by insurance, we would like to take the opportunity to replace the other two sails before a similar fate befalls them.

Where can you find us?

The Windmill is situated on Windmill Lane, at the top of the hill to the South of the village.  Open days are held on the second Sunday of the months from May to October.

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