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Crowdfunding for Organisations

Campaign and Regular Donation Fundraising for Organisations

Welcome to the UK’s dedicated fundraising platform for organisations. We enable the power of “crowdfunding” to provide much needed additional funding for organisations and academies.

What is crowdfunding for organisations? It is simply asking the organisation’s “crowd” to each contribute a small amount of money to finance inspirational campaigns or contribute regular donations for on-going investment in equipment and facilities. enables everyone to join the organisation crowdfunding revolution. We help your organisation to reach out to its own “crowd”, including parents, grandparents, alumni and the wider organisation community to raise funds easily and efficiently.

follow these steps

how it works

1. Register

Open a secure online account at It’s free and easy.

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2. View your preferred organisation’s campaign page

Your organisation will have a dedicated webpage which details what they intend to use any raised funds for.

You can ask the organisation questions about their campaign and how they will use donations, or about specific campaigns, and the answers they supply are shared on their campaign page. At any time, you can see how much has been donated to the organisation.

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3. Make your donation

Decide whether you would like to make a regular or one-off donation to your organisation. Your payments are made through our secure platform.

4. Gift Aid

If you are a UK registered tax payer, then we could be able to collect any applicable Gift Aid from HMRC, currently worth an extra 25% of your donation to the organisation.

5. The organisation receives your donations.

Donations and associated Gift Aid are paid to the organisation directly on a monthly basis for on-going fundraising, or at the end of the campaign where donations are sought for a specific campaign.