9th Southside Scout Group (J4Y)

19 Church Lane, London SW17 9PW
Charity and Not-for-Profit

About Us

9th Southside is a charity (exempt from registering) and Scout Group based in Tooting, South West London which has been running for approx 14 years. It has grown over the years, now supporting approx 140 children across 7 sections from ages 6-18years with over 35 dedicated volunteers. We provide structured activities for our youth every week during term time and guide them to become young leaders.

Why we're raising money


Thank you and jazakhallah khair  to everyone who has donated so far. We are excited to have started the project to refurbish our community building. We are pleased that the fire doors have been completed and work has started in the bathrooms and training room.

We have extended our target for the campaign. As work has started, there have been requirement for additional works which has meant further monies are needed. This includes ;

- clearing and refurbishing additional rooms

- fixing a broken wall

- adding of shower fixtures & disabled toilet

By doing the work, the community building is more fit for purpose and of more benefit to the community.Refurbishing the extra rooms that have now been cleared gives us extra rooms to run Covid compliant sessions.  

Any excess funds raised will be used to form a fund to assist with running costs for the first year and other general maintenance fund to ensure that building can be sustained by the group during the year to ensure it remains accessible for the community in South West London. We remind everyone this is a community building and any funds generated in the future will always be used to benefit the building and continue to improve it. 


9th Southside Scout Group have become responsible for the scout building in Church Lane, South West London.  The property is in a state of disrepair and desperately in need of maintenance. We need your help!!

See link to video showing state of the property.


Our vision is to upgrade the building to make it safe, improve the  external appearance and internal feel and overall create a warm, welcoming and clean place for the children to learn and thrive and for our volunteers to be comfortable.

Our plan is to do the following ;

- refurbish the toilets / 

- painting and decorating external signs and entire internal building (painting and decorating)

- gutting of bathrooms/ bathroom refit 

- fix the flooring throughout the building

- clear out / plaster / painting and decorating further 2 rooms

We have secured some funding from the Council for this work but we are falling short and request monetary support.

Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ, narrated by Muslim

“When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.”

Insha’Allah (God Willing) we hope that Tooting Scout Hut not only provides a safe environment for Scouts for years to come, but also instils beneficial knowledge through the youth for entire communities that can be passed on to future generations.

We want to involve the whole community in this project and would actively encourage families /children with support of their parents to set up a mini challenge.

Any queries, email churchlane@j4y.co.uk

Jazakhallah Khair

Thank you for your donations

Where can you find us?

9th Southside Scouts 
19 Church Lane 
SW17 9PW

Email : churchlane@j4y.co.uk
website: j4y.co.uk

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السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُPlease support us in raising money to refurbish our scouts hut.  J4Y has developed young muslim scouts for over 10 years. We are one the biggest scout groups in the country. Our aim is to develop confident, capable muslim leaders who will benefit our community for years to come.Inshallah the Hut will be a hub for the community.  Sadly the condition it is in currently is disheartening.  We need to raise funds to modernize it and bring it up to a standard suitable for our community.  Let’s make it the hub for all our children امين.Help us reach our target.May Allah bless you, increase your Rizq and make this a Sadaqa Jariyah for your families امينMARYAM SHOAIB & NUSAYBA AHMADWe will be doing a 5km hike for this project. please support us by donating generously!The current state of Church Lane Scouts Hut https://youtu.be/JElHq3jDzPw
£215.00 Closed
43.00% of target

Ilyas and Rayann

Please help Ilyas and Rayann achieve their target. Their Local Scout group needs your help. Thank you. 
£287.63 Closed
287.63% of target

Daniya’s Skipping Challenge

Hello, my name is Daniya and I wish to raise money to help with the refurbishment of J4Y’s Church Lane Scout Hut.My challenge is to do 50 skip’s each day, to make it more challenging this will be done during the month of Ramadan whilst I will be fasting.please support me with your donations.Thank you.
£1,258.25 Closed
503.30% of target
Target Breaker

Musa K’s Sponsored Bike Challenge

As salam u alaykum .My name is Musa.K. I am 10 years old and will be doing a sponsored bike ride to help raise funds for our Scouts Hut refurbishment. Please help me reach my goal !Thank you Jazakhallah Khair 
£100.00 6 Days left
200.00% of target
Target Breaker

Ayman’s Hike Challenge

My name is Ayman.S and I am 11 years old. Im part of the scout section for 9th southside. Im raising money for my scout hut, it needs refurbishing, please help me reach my target and beyond. I have set myself a personal challenge to do a 5k hike in Richmond park.
£60.00 6 Days left
120.00% of target

Khadijah’s Fund Raising Challenge

Assalamu alaikum, I am Khadijah S and I am part of beavers . I am fund raising for my scout hall which needs refurbishment. Please help me reach my target inshallah.Jazakhallah Khair 
£0.00 6 Days left
0.00% of target