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Your help is needed to help us raise funds to deliver a fantastic new multi-sports court area for Cartmel Priory School.

We urgently need your help so we can renovate the old existing tennis courts at the school. We'll be digging up the existing courts to replace them with a modern multi-games area with a brand-new surface.
We will need to address drainage issues, replace the battered fence and facilitate flood lighting options. The new area will be useable all year round.

Q. How much further to go to reach the target?

Cartmel Priory School has raised almost £78,000 of the overall £98,000 target. This leaves a further £20,000 required. The school is very grateful for all the online (currently the £5607.98 shown on this page) and offline donations that have been received towards the project. We are very grateful to parents, members of the local community and local businesses for supporting the project. The aim is to raise the funds by Easter 2022, and every penny raised will go directly towards the courts. Please support us if you can.

Q. What is the problem with the current courts area?

The current surface has worn away and after extensive use the macadam surface has dipped in several areas making it unsafe to use. In particular, during periods of wet weather (of which we have quite a few!) water sits on the surface. This dirt becomes silt which needs to be cleaned prior to use to make the courts safe and prevent any accidents or injuries.

Over 10 years ago the surface was painted with a non-slip acrylic paint which improved matters for a few years but wore away leaving the same problem. At the same time a new drain was fitted next to the courts but this has proved ineffective.

We need a new sports grade surface and better drainage to give us a solution that will last a generation. This improved facility will be useable all year long and no longer limited to fair weather. 

Q. When will the courts be built?

We are working hard to raise the final £30,000 we need to make this dream a reality. Several applications are being submitted to trusts and foundations who can help projects like ours. We anticipate these applications being made between August and December. It can take 3 to 4 months for decisions on applications to be made so we anticipate by Easter 2022 we will know how close we are to receiving all the funds we require. We will continue to fundraise ourselves, the trusts and foundations are particularly competitive and we can not be sure how many applications will be successful. Everything we raise through this site will help increase the chances of this project taking place. We will shortly be confirming our preferred contractor and will work with them to schedule the works.

Why we're raising money

Q. What is the replacement?

The new multi-sports courts will occupy the same footprint of the current courts area (2300 sq. m). The surface will be removed, additional drainage installed and a new sports grade macadam installed. The fencing will be replaced and slightly raised (to 3m). We are also investigating how a flood light option might be incorporated and this would be finalised before the project begins.

The games area will be marked up for 4 tennis courts, 3 netball pitches, 2 basketball pitches and 1 football pitch (these will overlap with each other). In addition there will be infrastructure to secure netball posts and tennis nets as required.

Q. Have you considered a 3G surface?

We have investigated the best new court surface and have chosen a sports grade macadam rather than a 3G option. We are aware that 3G pitches are a good alternative to grass pitches for football, but they are not as suitable to multi-sports.

3G pitches have a much higher initial cost, require a lot of maintenance and require only the right sort of footwear to be worn. 3G pitches consist of three elements: synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. This infill needs regular brushing (at least weekly) and replacing to keep the pitch in top condition. Conservative estimates are that pitch maintenance alone would be over £5,500 a year. The sports grade macadam is a porous open textured all-weather system which allows the drainage of surface water. This permeable nature is perfect for the UK and play can resume very soon after rainfall. 

We have chosen the best option for our school, which is lower overall cost, lower maintenance and designed to last a number of years. 

Q. Can you tell us more about the school?

Cartmel Priory School is a small rural school (around 350 students aged 11 to 16), Our mission statement is ‘Run Faster, Reach Further, Aim Higher, Grow Tall, Work Harder, Think Deeper, Laugh Louder, Love All’. We have high aspirations for our students but we also value them as individuals.

We have a strong focus on sport and despite being a small school prior to Covid we still managed to run 10 different after/before school clubs (Running, Badminton, Orienteering, Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Athletics, Rugby, Trampoline and Fitness Club). This is 200 extracurricular sport sessions open to all, with around 15 to 20 participants from 11 to 16. We have strong links with our local community and we hope we can open this improved facility to be used by the community.

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