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Lakefield C of E Primary School Lake Lane, Frampton on Severn GL2 7HG

About Us

Lakefield School PTA is a charitable organisation, supporting Lakefield School to pay for all the extra items regular school funding doesn't stretch to. We organise events, subsidise trips, and pay for extra resources to ensure all Lakefield pupils have access to the best learning opportunities possible. 

Like many small charities it has been a difficult year for us, with all of our regular fundraising cancelled. We have had to diversify and think of other ways to make sure we can keep supporting our school.
We are asking all pupils to join in with our Easter Sponsorship Challenge, and challenge themselves to do anything at all that they like! This could be learning a new skill, brushing up on something they really want to practice to get better at, or just doing something that they already really love!
This is the first time we have organised a sponsored event and so far it is proving to be very popular amongst pupils! So we really hope you will get behind us and support this event and make it one of our most successful fundraisers.... ever!

Why we're raising money

This sponsored event forms part of a wider project, The Lakefield £10,000 Challenge. The PTA have been asked to fund 54 new laptops and an a purpose built outdoor classroom.

Laptops: Our aim is to provide all junior pupils with 1:1 access to a laptop. This laptop will be given to them when they start in year 4 and will continue with them until they leave school in year 6. This will massively enhance their access to technology and learning opportunities. A 1:1 approach will help the school to provide a base from which they can continue to develop, support and nurture Lakefield pupils and help support best outcomes.  We also aim to reduce the digital divide so all children have equality of access to digital systems, resources and equality of opportunity.

Outdoor Classroom: In addition, we have been asked to fund a purpose built outdoor classroom for the infants to access. This will give a fantastic opportunity to extend learning outdoors, making full use of the natural environment and giving access to a wider range of learning resources.

The total cost of both projects over the next 2 years is £16,000

Where can you find us?

Lakefield C of E Primary School
Lake Lane,
Frampton on Severn,

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Our related campaigns


Percy’s mow-a-thon

Percy is raising money for his nursery by mowing as many gardens of family and friends as he can. Any donation would be greatly received. Thank you ☺️ 
£291.25 Closed
291.25% of target

Connie’s mile walk & 100 daily star jumps

Connie is taking on the schools ‘Easter Challenge’ to help raise funds to go towards £16,000 for new laptops & an outside classroom! She’s decided on walking a mile & doing 100 star jumps every day during the Easter holidays. It would be amazing if you could spare a few pennies 💰! Many thanks!!!
£87.50 Closed
58.33% of target

Eddie learns sign language

Eddie is joining his class mates to raise funds for their school by taking on a challenge over the Easter holidays. He is going to aim to learn 10 new words in sign language! If you would like to sponsor and support him, please share or donate as little or much as you like. We would all be very grateful! Video to follow with him showing off his new words! Thank you! 
£0.00 Closed
0.00% of target

Easter Challenge for Lakefield School

Ferguson and his cousin Daisy are raising money for their school by taking part in an 'Easter Challenge' fundraiser to help raise £10,000 for an outdoor classroom and more technology.Ferg and Daisy will be carrying out at least one job a day on the farm - photos will be shared of their work! Ferg has already made a head start in helping dig a trench!!! Not bad for a 5 year old eh?! Please support Ferg and Daisy with a sponsor, however small (or big 😜) if you can. They would be very grateful 🚜 
£62.50 Closed
208.33% of target

Billy’s Easter sponsor

Please sponsor billy to help raise money for his school. He wants to bounce on his trampoline for 5 minutes or more every day without stopping or falling over.
£12.50 Closed
25.00% of target

Rhia & Finley’s Dance-a-thon

Rhia & Finley are raising money for their school through the PTA. This is an Easter challenge to help raise funds for new laptops and an outdoor classroom at their school.They will be dancing constantly for 1 hour every day in the hope you lovely people will kindly support them with a sponsor for their challenge!!
£193.75 Closed
193.75% of target