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About Us

At St Michael’s we all work together to achieve our aims and ensure that our school is a happy, calm and exciting place to learn. We are proud of our children’s very responsible, positive and caring attitudes to learning and school life and our staff’s dedication to helping our children develop a lifelong love of learning so that they can fulfil their dreams and be the best that they can be.


St Michael’s Project CAFÉ – Chromebooks Accessible For Everyone 


We are all too well aware of how important it is for our children to be able to continue with their education, even in an at-home on-line learning situation.

At St Michael’s we are fortunate to already have one set of 30 Chromebooks – enough for one class to use at a time. Now we’re focusing on Set Two! Some of these are loaned to families in our school to enable remote learning in our current pandemic to create an ‘even playing field’ for all of our pupils.

Our dream is to have a set of 30 Chromebooks for each class in the school – that means a total of 7 sets. We have one, let’s make it two!


Let's Get Tech-tastic, more Chromebooks please!

We have to start somewhere on this journey to equip our school with the necessary tech to really achieve our high learning standards. Starting small and attainable we are reaching out to you to support our aim of purchasing a further 30 Chromebooks and licence, along with a storage trolley.

Our first fundraising target is £8,000.

£195 will purchase ONE Chromebook


With the new valuable resource it will:

Enable our teachers to give computer lessons to our children whenever they choose.

Equip our children with computer knowledge and to be tech savvy

Learn about algorithms

how to write programs


working with digital content

keeping personal information private

learning about how to use the internet safely

computer networks

creating opportunities for communication and collaboration

gathering and evaluating information

understanding how to spot phishing and scam emails

what is email

developing keyboard skills

Please support our CAFÉ fund and give what you can manage. The great thing about crowdfunding is that you can easily share this campaign page with your friends and family – please do click the share buttons and help to achieve our target.


Every donation is gratefully received and will go towards a tech-tastic future for our children!


Thank you.


St Michael’s C of E Primary School PTA is a registered Charity number 1151390