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The primary objective of Birdham and Itchenor PCC is the promotion of the Good News of Jesus Christ according to the doctrines and practices of the Church of England.

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Table Tennis Fundraiser

Among many things we discovered when starting the new term in September 2020 was just how hard it was for our students to keep active and enjoy outdoor break times, with very limited activities as a result of restricted activities and access to equipment.    At Kingsbury High School, we are committed to providing additional resources for all students – but to continue doing this we need your help! We need help raising additional school funds to purchase two OUTDOOR TABLE TENNIS TABLES for the lower school outdoor playground area.... Before the restrictions, students were able to enjoy using some of the schools spare cricket and football equipment during break times, however the current situation restricts use of this equipment.   Table tennis on the other hand is still permitted! However, the school currently has just two very old, rusty and dented table tennis tables for our students to use.   Collectively, we have 990 year 7,8 and 9 students at the lower school, including many active table tennis players - especially in our year 8 group, as you will see from the video shortly!   Having two extra outdoor table tennis tables available to use at break times would allow more students to play table tennis with classmates as well as getting more active. More than ever, students need outdoor provisions to increase morale and activity to keep fit and healthy, mentally as well as physically.    The suggestion was therefore to raise additional funds for the outdoor equipment. Students and staff have so far showed great support and enthusiasm for this project - and we already have requests for more outdoor equipment!  Two new outdoor table tennis tables + bats and balls will cost £1,600.... ·      Could you make a donation? ·      Could you run your own fundraising event and gain sponsors? ·      Could you share our page with friends and family and the wider community? Any amount you can donate, however small, will make a difference to our students daily school experience during these challenging times, and beyond.  If you can gift-aid your donation your money will go even further. Thank you for your support
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Chromebooks Accessible For Everyone

At St Michael’s we all work together to achieve our aims and ensure that our school is a happy, calm and exciting place to learn. We are proud of our children’s very responsible, positive and caring attitudes to learning and school life and our staff’s dedication to helping our children develop a lifelong love of learning so that they can fulfil their dreams and be the best that they can be.   St Michael’s Project CAFÉ – Chromebooks Accessible For Everyone    We are all too well aware of how important it is for our children to be able to continue with their education, even in an at-home on-line learning situation. At St Michael’s we are fortunate to already have one set of 30 Chromebooks – enough for one class to use at a time. Now we’re focusing on Set Two! Some of these are loaned to families in our school to enable remote learning in our current pandemic to create an ‘even playing field’ for all of our pupils. Our dream is to have a set of 30 Chromebooks for each class in the school – that means a total of 7 sets. We have one, let’s make it two!   Let's Get Tech-tastic, more Chromebooks please! We have to start somewhere on this journey to equip our school with the necessary tech to really achieve our high learning standards. Starting small and attainable we are reaching out to you to support our aim of purchasing a further 30 Chromebooks and licence, along with a storage trolley. Our first fundraising target is £8,000. £195 will purchase ONE Chromebook   With the new valuable resource it will: Enable our teachers to give computer lessons to our children whenever they choose. Equip our children with computer knowledge and to be tech savvy Learn about algorithms how to write programs debugging working with digital content keeping personal information private learning about how to use the internet safely computer networks creating opportunities for communication and collaboration gathering and evaluating information understanding how to spot phishing and scam emails what is email developing keyboard skills Please support our CAFÉ fund and give what you can manage. The great thing about crowdfunding is that you can easily share this campaign page with your friends and family – please do click the share buttons and help to achieve our target.   Every donation is gratefully received and will go towards a tech-tastic future for our children!   Thank you.   St Michael’s C of E Primary School PTA is a registered Charity number 1151390  
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2G All Weather Pitch for Preston Primary

At Preston Primary we have started a new exciting project. We want to convert our school field into an all weather, astroturf 2G pitch. Ideally we want to complete our fund raising to have the pitch installed by next Summer. This will have a big impact on school life for our children. This will enable us to run sporting events all year. Children will be able to play in this space every day, not just dry days. We want to share the space with local community groups and other schools. Our children will be able to play and compete against children from other schools. It will impact immediately, and be a wonderful asset for the years to come. We have a professional bid writer seeking to gain financial support from organisations such as Sport England. We also have a large amount of funds allocated from our Coast Academies financial reserves. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of such projects, all this is not enough. Therefore, we are looking at other ways to get the funds to bring this exciting project to completion. One idea is that local companies could advertise around the edge of the 2G pitch. This is something that other schools and organisations have done before. Is this something that you might be interested in, or you know a local company that would? We already have Expressions of Interest from numerous local companies, which is great news! If you are not in a position to support us through advertising, but would still like to help the project, we would love that. We believe that together we can reach our financial goal, and make a sporting venue for future generations of Preston pupils.  Please Donate or organise your own sponsorship idea through this website. Many thanks, Mr Scott Ord Head of School
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Inspiration Fund, The David Ross Education Trust

What is the Inspiration Fund?The Inspiration Fund creates life-changing experiences for over 13,000 young people in schools across the country part of the David Ross Education Trust. Our enrichment programme is at the heart of our organisation and encourages students to become confident, well-rounded young people who will be valued members of society. According to our students and their parents, the outstanding opportunities we are able to offer is one of the hallmarks of a Trust education. We are proud to be able to say that ours is the only programme of its kind in the state sector and gives our students access to the kinds of life-changing experiences normally only available at independent fee-paying schools. Events and initiatives benefiting our academies and made possible by the Inspiration Fund include: - The DRET Summer Cup and Winter Cups, both primary and secondary - The DRET Music Festivals, primary & secondary - Talents days with specialist musicians, dance instructors, elite athletes and Olympians - Mentoring programmes  - Virtual Challenges - The DRET All Stars programme in music, football, netball, rowing and rugby -  Improved sports facilities and equipment - Specialist sports programmes, instrumental lessons and the Singing Schools Project - and much more!
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DRET Santa Run 2020

We're delighted to see the DRET Santa Run for the second successive year! Last year over 2,700 students and staff took part to raise more than £30,000 for the Inspiration Fund.   To start raising sponsorship for you to take part, simply click the "Launch Your Own Campaign" button and set up your very own sponsorship page to share with friends and family. This easy to use platform takes away the need for you to go around collecting cash and signatures for sponsorship, turning everything electronic. It is easier than ever to share with potential sponsors by sharing the link on your page to any social media platform, text to friends and family or send via email.   Remember, to take part, each participant will need to raise at least £1 (non-gift aided) entry sponsorship. Participants raising £5 or more will receive a Santa Hat to run in. Raising £10 or more will get you a full Santa Suit, and £15 or more will get you a full suit AND a medal to remember the day by! The top fundraisers in each Academy will also receive a prize, and the highest fundraiser in the whole Trust will win an amazing Sport or Music prize for their school.   Thank you for participating, and good luck!   You can find out more information on the Inspiration Fund here:  
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Help End Mental Health Stigma

Minds Anonymous is a newly launched initiative dedicated to increasing understanding and ending the stigma surrounding mental health and has received backing from experts and leading organisations.  It is the brainchild of 31 year old Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen, who has herself sucessfully battled bipolar and other mental health conditions. The website allows people, for the first time, to share their mental health stories anonymously and read the stories of others. By giving people a voice, it aims to prove that managing mental health is part of being human and end the shame surrounding mental health conditions.   Wizzi, now happy and well, explained how she came up with the idea; “I was interviewed for an article on bipolar and found the process of telling my story incredibly therapeutic. However, I was terrified by the prospect of publishing it under my name as there is still so much stigma surorunding mental health. I worried that I’d never be hired again. I was put on furlough and the name Minds Anonymous came to me. 24 hours later I launched the website to give others a chance to go through the process of telling their stories. By keeping it anonymous, each writer’s identity is protected so it’s a judgement free space where people can be honest without feeling ashamed.”  Minds Anonymous has already had over 3500 views from 1200 unique visitors in over 40 countries and numerous stories uploaded, from tales of depression to abuse and psychosis. The stories themselves are compelling and give a first hand insight into conditions that are widely misunderstood.
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